Can I use my original signature pages?

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This option is available for our Custom product. You must print completed order page and send that, along with your signature pages, to the address shown on the page. This may delay the delivery time because we cannot print or bind your volumes until the signature pages are received.

Can I have my Thesis printed double-sided?

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Double sided printing is available for both our standard and our custom products. Make sure that your file is formatted for double-sided printing. You will be able to select the double-sided option when placing your order.

My Thesis has foldouts in it. Can these be included?

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Thesis Ireland is a branch of Dundalk Book Binding ( Ireland’s largest Library Bookbinder) and we do this kind of work frequently. There is no extra charge for this service. You simply note the pages that need to be treated as foldouts when placing your order.

What information will be on the cover and spine?

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The Front Cover shows the ….

  • Full title of the thesis/dissertation
  • Author’s full Name
  • Author’ qualifictions
  • Author’s year

The Spine will have details of the

  • Author’s Nam
  • Author’s Qualification
  • Year The Thesis/Dissertation was written

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